ProSmart Printing

Custom Flags & Feather Flags.

Feather flags and teardrop flags are the ultimate in eye-catching. Custom flags are attractive and a great way to make your business visible.


Flag banners can be easily seen from a distance and are great for advertising businesses, events, and trade shows. Flag displays feature exceptional image quality and durability.


Flags are printed on lightweight 3oz Polyester, using superior quality sublimation equipment, for the longest lasting color of any type of printing available for fabric. Flags can also be stored and assembled with ease, and come with your choice of either indoor or outdoor installation accessories.

Custom printed flags, flag banners & feather flags


Feather Flags Sizes:

15' - 37" x 161"

12' - 32" x 123"

12' Jumbo - 36" x 123"

10' - 32" x 99"

8' - 24" x 81"


Feather/Teardrop Flags have the option to include indoor or outdoor hardware. The flag material will be neatly folded and packed in a flexible bag. The hardware comes in a black travel bag. Both items will be carton packed together.


Indoor - X-Stand/Cross base includes:

1. Flag pole

2. X-stand / cross base

3. Cord

4. Travel bag

5. Water tube (to stabilize the flag)

Outdoor - Ground-Stake/Spike base includes:

1. Flag pole

2. Spike base

3. Cord

4. Travel bag

For indoor installation choose the X-Stand/Cross base, or choose the Ground-Stake/Spike base for outdoor installation.